89, Come, My Way, My Truth, My Life

Summary: Sixteenth century poet George Herbert’s words invite us to hear Mystery’s call to insight and love. Often, poetry and music make odd bedfellows, especially when lack of rhyme and extra syllables get crammed uncomfortably in a melody. But sometimes they are a perfect match; is the case with one of the most famous poemsContinue reading “89, Come, My Way, My Truth, My Life”

143, Not in Vain the Distance Beacons

Summary: This 19th century hymn of vision, peace and hope for the future is set to the familiar Hymn of Joy by the German composer Beethoven, with lyrics from “Locksley Hall” by the English poet Alfred Tennyson. As anyone who draws inspiration from pop songs or films or television shows can tell you, sometimes theContinue reading “143, Not in Vain the Distance Beacons”